Rental Management Services:

We pride ourselves by being a cut above the rest. We offer clients and tenants with safe, clean homes that are functional and well kept. There is nothing worse than having tenants complain that the landlord never fixes anything. There is a fine balance between adding an addition because of the tenant’s desire, and keeping the house working as it was designed to operate. We believe that a happy tenant will stay longer in our homes. By keeping vacancy low, the sense of pride our tenants have in the home keeps our overall profits on the business side up. With this model in mind, everyone wins. We understand that you cannot please everyone all the time, so we work with the other 98% of the population, and we do it well.

Full Rental Management Services include:

  1. Marketing on many online websites
  2. Tenant screening
  3. Showing Property
  4. Checklist repairs and inspections
  5. Check in / out inspections
  6. Rent collections and disbursement
  7. Coordination of vendors and service techs
  8. Financial reports
  9. Eviction processing
  10. Renovation advice and energy saving tips
  11. Sales and service for growing or reducing rental portfolio
  12. Experience with 1031 tax exchanges to swap properties with deferred capital gains taxation
  13. Experience with long term leasing
  14. Let us handle the management details, so you can do the things you enjoy!
  15. We get all of the calls, you get a Check!
  16. If you are ever in the need to liquidate your inventory, we can assist with this process as well


Coming Soon!

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