Did you try selling the house with a real estate agent?

No. We wanted to get a fair price in the fastest way possible. We were actively hunting for different options when we found this one.

Why are you selling your house this way?

The idea of waiting months and months to sell our house was very stressful and expensive to us. We also knew that you, as the buyer, could get instant equity in the home, because there are no Realtor fees involved, unless your Realtor finds our bidder sale on the MLS. Through inspections, Comparative Market Analysis, and sites like, we know our home updated has a retail value of $235,000.00, so we know you could potentially get an amazing deal. We have an appraisal on hand for review.

How do you expect the bidding to go?

We believe by using this method, the bidders will bid the price up to the fair market value of the home. We want to sell it quickly and conveniently at a very fair market price. We believe that we can meet our goals, and at the same time give you a great deal on our home.

What do homes in the neighborhood sell for?

We will have recent home comparables for you to browse at the open house showing its value when updated at around $240,000.00. In its present condition, it would easily appraise for $ 235,000.00

What are the other homes, and the families in the neighborhood like?

Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built during the late 1960’s. The homes are very well maintained, and the yards show the pride of the owners. The neighborhood is very quiet and friendly.

How does the bidding actually work?

It will be conducted by telephone on Sunday night, October 16th, starting at 7:00 pm. Using the initial bidding sheet from the inspection period, we will start with the highest bidder and call each bidder one at a time. Each time we call, we will let the bidder know the current bid, and inquire if they want to advance the bid or retire from the bidding. All bids are completely open, and will be done in a “Round Robin” format.

What if I am concerned about placing a bid?

Your bid is not a contract, or binding in any way. You may retire from the process at any time, and for any reason. You can be included in the bidding process by even just bidding a penny on the initial bidding sheet, and we encourage you to do so. You never know!

Where are the pictures of the inside?

You can view them at:

If you wish to personally see the inside of the house, you must register to attend the inspection period.