What’s going on here?

Most people have never seen a house being sold by a round-robin, open-bidding process, so you’re probably wondering why we are doing it this way.

We have come to think that perhaps the Highest Bidder method will work better for both the buyer and the seller.

We discovered this Highest Bidder method when friends sold their home this way. We learned that thousands of home-owners have used this method with great success. So, rather than list with a broker at this time, we decided to use this method to sell our house because:

  • It involves about a week of hard work instead of potential months of sporadic selling visits.
  • It encourages full disclosure between the homeowner and potential buyers.
  • We do not start high and slowly come down – we start low and let the buyers’ market determine the top price.
  • The sale is less costly for us, and the buyers, because there are no broker fees paid from the sale price. This means I can sell for less, and each of us comes out ahead. Additionally, the commission savings instantly adds to the substantial existing equity for the buyer. We believe that if we attract a reasonably-sized buying pool, then our home will sell for a price that is fair both to the buyer and to the seller.
  • The sale process is entirely open. You do not bid against us, but against other bidders.
  • Placing a bid does not make you liable in any way. You are under no legal obligation as a result of the bidding process. You will have plenty of time to review the terms of sale, consult with others, inspect the home, and obtain any necessary mortgage.
  • The closing process is the same as in conventional home sales.

You Must Register In Person On March 15th, or March 16th To Inspect & Bid On The Home