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 “Latino Real Estate Investors Association”

We have been investing in the Real Estate business for over 15 years. Coaches have been coaching for many years, nationally & internationally

We can coach you in the following areas:

  1. Wholesale
  2. Retailing
  3. Flipping Rehabs
  4. Land-lording
  5. Property Management
  6. Lease Options
  7. Options
  8. Negotiationgs
  9. Financing
  10. And much more…

Spanish Classes available, simply contact us today 813-421-3297

LREIA Coaching Program

The purpose of this Application is to familiarize our Pre-Screener with the Applicant. The answers to your questions will contribute to your being or not being accepted into the program. We have found that there is a definite correlation between Applicants who apply for the trainings and those answers on this Application. We only ask that you answer truthfully. Regardless of your answers, you will be further screened in person or by telephone. We will be customizing your Business Plan so you can achieve your goals in the program. Please answer the following list of questions as indicated.
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  • Enter number of deals you have done so far?
    General Terms and Conditions of the Mentoring Program:* Students will be provided with more than enough materials to get started and to make a career in real estate investing. The Student should use these materials and the personal one-on-one coaching the Program provides. To this end, each Student will have an Accountability Partner who has an actual extensive working knowledge of real estate investing. Students will need to do assignments and read various lessons to advance their understanding of the Program and to make their real estate investing career successful. Most importantly, Students MUST make offers and have a consistent follow-up routine which will be part of their training. If Students do not make an effort to get into a routine, no matter part time or full time, they will not succeed. Everything will be provided that is needed or, if it cannot be provided; it will be accessible through outside vendors. The length of the mentoring will be 1 year but may be extended under certain circumstances. The goal of the Program is to focus the Student on how to derive a full-time income from investing as quickly as possible. You must complete an in-person or phone interview before you can be accepted. Not all candidates will be accepted. All levels of the program are available by application only. Please complete this application, hit the send button below and you will be contacted for an interview.
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