After inspecting the home, please leave your bid on the Initial Bidding Sheet.  There is no deposit required to bid.  We will take new bids until 5:00 PM Sunday night.

You may call 813-598-8344 to see what the highest bid is and to increase your previous bid at any time until 5:00 PM Sunday night.

Starting at 7:00 PM Sunday, we will start the round robin bidding by calling everyone back that has left a bid prior to 5:00 PM Sunday.  The highest bidder will receive the first call to let them know that they are in fact the highest bidder and if they would like to increase their bid.  Everyone else that has left a bid, starting with the next highest bidder, will be asked if they would like to increase their previous bid at that time.

We will offer the home to the highest and best bidder at his/her bid price*.  If the highest bidder is unable to purchase the home, the second highest bidder will be contacted. If the second highest bidder is unable to purchase the home, the third highest bidder will be contacted, and so on.

An appointment will occur within 24 hours after the close of bidding to complete a purchase agreement and accept an earnest money deposit.  The closing process is the same as with any conventional home sale and should be completed within 30 days.

We have several mortgage brokers who can arrange for your financing, if you aren’t already working with someone.

*Must be acceptable to the Seller

You Must Register In Person On March 15th, or March 16th To Inspect & Bid On The Home!

We will send  interior pictures to your email address as soon as you fill out the short registration form. Realtors are able to register multiple clients, if needed